Pet Odour Removal Calgary

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Pet Odour Removal Calgary

Accidents happen. Do your carpets smell of urine or pet odour? This is unhealthy as bacteria can breed on the surface and can also cause staining and It is important that the area is treated as soon as possible! So we are here and we have the best way of the solution.
What is it?
Our Specialty Cleaning goes beyond topical stain removal, addresses any spots or spills that have penetrated to the underlay and even the sub-floor. This is required when we are asked to deal with major or excessive stains such as urine, wine, vomit, feces, water, etc. This is the part of the Specialty Cleaning process, that we complete of using natural products after all of the Water Claw procedures.

Carpet Cleaning Calgary

to identify the contaminated areas both visible and invisible to the naked eye we use UV lights and PH testers. After that, we start working and solution any kind of problems!

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