Leather Cleaning Calgary

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Leather Cleaning Calgary

Moisturize is the number one most important maintenance step to make your leather furniture last longer.
Our professional cleaners have a specialized leather cleaning kit with the natural products that make both clean and moisturize your leather to keep it from drying out and cracking prematurely. So Professional-grade leather cleaners that are used by our company remove the toughest soils, safely and gently while leaving your leather clean and moisturized. We can clean your leather sofa, loveseat, chair, and even the leather seats in your car.
Before start using any products first, our cleaners wipe down the leather with a dry towel to remove any dry soils, oils, and grease. This creates the agitation that loosens soils, oils, and greases.

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After that, Leather Conditioner is applied with another clean terry cloth towel. It is to fill in the small cracks in the leather that have dried out and moisturizes the leather.
And the last step is another dry towel down to remove any excess moisture from the furniture.
To protect your investment we recommend you to have your leather cleaned regularly.

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