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Carpet Cleaning Calgary – Mr.Master

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Mr.Master Carpet Cleaning Calgary provides commercial and residential carpet cleaning. We offer steam cleaning services for your area upholstery , leather, rugs, mattressescars and more. Our carpet cleaners are experts at removing stains. Our natural products are safe for your home & environment.
Mr.Master is a brand that was founded in 2001 and until today is distinguished by quality services, our mission is to perform cleaning works cheaper and better than all. At the time of your existence, you have successfully completed more than 25000 works.
Our brand Mr. Master is represented throughout Canada: in the city of Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and in their territories. If you want to Clean Carpets, curtains or household things, then call us and our employee will come to you, evaluate the work, say the best price for you, which will be winning and convenient for you.
Our products are 100% natural, which is certified by our certificates, we use only high-standard cleaning products that are completely safe for you, for your family and of course for pets.
We guarantee that our service will be absolutely 100% ideal and only naturally safe cleaners will be used, otherwise we will fully compensate for the damage.



For fifteen years we are satisfying Thousand of customers throughout Calgary with trusted professional Mr.master carpet cleaning services.

Residential Cleaning

We  use the best sport removing products and tools that clean carpets better and leaves them dry just in  1-2 hours.


Mr.Master Carpet cleaning Service is the Best choice for cleaning your business. You have carpets that are expected to high levels of wear and tear. Anytime we are in your job!

Commercial Cleaning

You have great chance to use natural Products for cleaning solutions for your carpets! It is not important where it will be in your office,  apartment or hotel common areas


We have an air duct cleaning and furnace cleaning which will help you to avoid costly breakdowns, save you money, and help your machines run more efficiently. Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning

Furnace & Air Duct

we use the most advanced equipment and cleaning tools we take the time to ensure that we help you to keep your furnace and ducts cleaner longer.


Our Carpet Cleaning company is superior but we are still human so we could not figure out how to make cleaning vans fly. Our new Nautilus system does not make sacrifices or compromises. check it

Apartment Cleaning

Do you have information that probably you have to pay full price for a second-class clean? Because some company uses no good product for cleaning so their service is less than the best carpet cleaning from this company.


Mr.Master Carpet Cleaning Calgary

We Offer High Quality Service & Lowest Price. We use only Certified natural products.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Calgary
Every day, carpets get dirty at home and bacteria are collected, which from time to time are life-threatening, so the healthcare organization made recommendations that carpets be cleaned and processed 2-3 times a year. Our company offers to clean carpets on the spot faster, cheaper and better than all. We are focused on ensuring that our work performed was 100% successful and met all the standards. For the time of our existence we have gathered experience that gives us the opportunity to cope with the work of any difficulty and give the user carpets such as they were at the time of purchase.
Call now and get favorable conditions for you. We create quality
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
If you have a business and you need a corporate cleaning company, then you have come to the best place. We offer you an advantageous Carpet Cleaning, area Rug Cleaning, Furcane Cleaning, Curtain CLeaning, Matress Cleaning, Leather Cleaning, air duc cleaning and Overs.
Working with us, you save two important parameters in life:
save time and money, 30-40 percent of the prices
Our group offers all the business companies the conditions corresponding to them, that is why the cooperating companies are always satisfied with us.
Contact us within 24 hours
Emergency Carpet Cleaning Calgary
During the usual rhythm of life, often bad things happen, which are not so small. Maybe you just now have a moment and you are worried about this situation, perhaps you urgently need to wash the carpet or other household stuff. Do not worry; you are on the right location.
Mr.Master Carpet Cleaning Calgary will help you in the currents of 24 hours, from the moment of the call we will be in 15 minutes and in a short time we will be able to solve any problem.
We offer the fastest, cheapest and best service in the whole city, only by cooperating with us you can save two important parameters: money and time.
We are a certified company that offers Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service, We are available 24 Hou In a week. We use only high-quality cleaning products and are provided with modern technology. Our highly qualified employees will solve the problem of any complexity and volume associated with cleaning. We are a group that creates a quality service.
We give a guarantee that our service will be absolutely 100% ideal and only naturally safe cleaners will be used, otherwise we will fully compensate for the damage.

Our Core Values

All of our work come with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee or we re-clean your domestic carpet.When you contact Mr.Master Carpet Cleaning Calgary, you will benefit from a professional relationship.

If you find yourself in need of professional Carpet Cleaning Calgary, you want to call on the dependable company that has been serving the area for more than 16 years.We Use Only Certified Cleaning Products, which is 100% Safe For Health!Mr.Master is not like any other cleaning company in Calgary. Quality job, perfect customer satisfaction, knowledgeable and cleaning service experienced.

No matter if you are have one room cleaned or your entire home, getting the best carpet cleaning prices is something that should always be on your mind.
At Mr.Master Carpet Cleaners, our prices are competitive with the rest of the industry.Order steam cleaning for your carpet and prepare to be amazed by the results of our cleaning methods. Here you can read about the whole procedure the Mr.Master Carpet Cleaners in Calgary perform.

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Mr.Master Carpet Cleaning Calgary

We offer steam cleaning services for your area upholstery , leather, rugs, mattresses, cars and more. Our carpet cleaners are experts at removing stains. Our natural products are safe for your home & environment.

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